• Hair Straight Back !

    The past couple of months at Thomas FX have been incredibly hectic, to say the least.

    We completed our search for a new website design partner, and they in turn have now completed an initial review of our website.

    New products have been invented . . . new products have arrived . . . and more than 300 new products have already added to our online store, with hundreds more still to be catalogued.

    More importantly, we have been working "hair straight back" filling orders and supporting film and television, retail display, police, and military customers around the world . . . in addition to a brisk business in our retail bricks'n mortar store.

    In addition, we have re-merchandised our entire 7,000 square foot retail outlet in preparation for what we anticipate to be a huge surge in Halloween business this year.

    This has been an emotionally charged summer with lots of ups and downs, the biggest downer being the tragic demise of old friend Robin Williams. 

    Betty Thomas, our company Co-Founder, worked with Robin during the filming of Jumanji. Betty was the Stunt Coordinator for the film.

    Farewell Robin . . . You Were The Best!

  • We Are Closed Monday August 4

    Thomas FX will be closed in recognition of the Canadian Civic Holiday this coming Monday, August 4.

    Of course this has nothing to do with the Scottish flag, shown flying to the left, but I like to work in a plug for Scotland any time I can and this seemed like as good a time as any.

    As always, emergency service will be available for Film Industry Professionals ONLY . . . You know who you are and you know how to reach us.

    Meanwhile, please feel free to place your orders through our ONLINE STORE . It will remain functioning 24 hours a day throughout this long weekend. Online orders will be shipped on Tuesday. 

    Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

  • Happy July 4'th America

    Happy July 4'th America!

    Canada celebrated our version of "Independence Day" On Tuesday, July 1'st, so the Thomas FX crew will be on the job tomorrow. 

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you need some help completing your online purchases on Friday.

  • Canada Day Weekend | Open Mon Closed Tues

    This year Canada Day falls on a Tuesday, which makes for a lot of confusion about this weekend.

    Some companies are taking a four-day weekend.

    Some companies are closed on Monday and open on Tuesday July 1'st.

    Some companies are open on Monday and closed on Tuesday.

    Thomas FX will be OPEN MONDAY and CLOSED ON CANADA DAY, Tuesday July 1'st.

    However, if Monday is a really REALLY nice sunny day, we might leave a bit early and start celebrating early.

    Sadly, the District Of North Vancouver does not allow us to sell Canada Day fireworks, but we do have sparklers for sale if anyone wants to stop by and pick some up during our business hours on Monday.

    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  • New e-Commerce Web Developer Sought

    After 8 years of working with the same e-commerce web development company it is time to make a change.

    While they have been great to work with, and have taken us a long way from where we started, it is time to take our web business to the next level and improve our customer service even more.

    If you, or someone you know, are working with an innovative world class e-commerce, web development, and internet marketing company please let us know . . . or let them know about Thomas FX.

    A strong and experienced 3D cart / Sitefinity developer / systems integrator is needed, as is expertise in SEO, online marketing, social media, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

  • Fog In A Can | Diffusion Haze | Thomas FX

    For the past few years many customers have asked us for fog in a can, also known as diffusion haze in a can.

    Previously discontinued by the manufacturer, we have recently been successful in landing a large shipment of this popular, yet hard to find, product.

    For professionals who just need a quick haze effect, Fog In A Can, or Diffusion Haze, from Thomas FX is the perfect solution. 

    Buy Fog In A Can Online, or shop in our North Vancouver store for production supplies, set dec, props, makeup effects, and seasonal entertainment supplies.

    The Thomas FX website and store are ideal places to find unique, or hard to source, items.

  • We Are Looking For Someone Special

    Thomas FX is looking for an Inside Sales & Logistics Coordinator to join our team.

    If you, or someone you know, might be interested in this position, please see our ad on Craigslist for more information.

    Work in close support of our company President providing unfailing customer service to many of the world's premier retailers, and to many of the world's most renowned film and television professionals. 

    The right person will help us to make a positive difference in the world in this integral entry-level position.

    NOTE: This is an "extreme-service" sales support opportunity that requires a very special person. Proficiency in Salesforce CRM is essential.

  • RESPECT . . .



  • Pros-Aide Products In Stock | Thomas FX

    In response to numerous customer requests we just brought in a large supply of Pros-Aide adhesive products. 

    We now have an inventory of every available Pros-Aide product, including the popular Pros-Aide Go Kit which includes samples of each of the quality Pros-Aide products. 

    If you are a professional makeup F/X artist, or work with foam latex prosthetic appliances, or simply have sensitive skin, purchase Pros-Aide products at Thomas FX now.

    We also have a large inventory of Spirit Gum and Remover, as well as Mehron AdMed Silicone Adhesive and Remover.

    Thomas FX is proud to distribute Pros-Aide products and welcomes the Pros-Aide brand to our extensive, and growing, line of professional quality Blood & Makeup FX products.

    Visit the Thomas FX store in North Vancouver, or shop online at .

  • Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliances | Thomas FX

    Foam latex prosthetic masks and appliances have arrived at Thomas FX

    Many customers have asked us to stock this type of item and we finally found a manufacturer who has good designs and fair prices. These quality products are made in the USA.

    We have created a new section in our e-store, under Blood & Makeup FX, called Foam Latex Prosthetics, and will be adding more items in the months ahead. 

    Instructions on how to use these foam latex prosthetic appliances are included in the description on each product page, along with related items that will help you to achieve better results from each foam latex prosthetic.

    In addition, an instructional video is playing in our bricks'n mortar store to help shoppers choose complementary makeup effects products that will enhance the finished result.

    Please stay tuned . . . . there is lots of news to share in the weeks and months ahead.