• It's Halloween...We Are Now Open Every Day

    Thomas FX is now open every day, except Thanksgiving Monday, until October 31'st.

    Our store hours will be constantly updated on the left navigation panel of our website, so please check there to confirm that we are open each day.

    Saturday was busy and lot's of fun as we reconnected with some of our favorite store regulars.

    With more than 1,000 new product sku's, in addition to our standing inventory, this is without a doubt our best seasonal collection ever.

    Happy Halloween everyone. . . the fun has already started so come in and say hello.

  • We Are Open This Saturday Till 3:00

    We are open tomorrow from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

    We have a new Halloween crew ready to help, makeup effects experts available to answer your questions, and more than 1,000 new products for sale.

    Time to stop be and see what is new for Halloween in 2014.

    Shop early for the best selection!

  • Snow Fluid For Thomas FX SN-600 Snow System

    Thomas FX goes to great lengths to bring the world's best special effects products to our customers. We literally 'travel the world' looking for great products.

    There are many types of snow fluid available to consumers these days. Many of them are so inexpensive that they are probably not much more than a dish soap emulsion. Cheap fluids should NEVER be used in professional equipment as it will cause irreparable damage to the equipment.

    The snow fluid sold by Thomas FX, and recommended for use in the Thomas FX SN-600 DMX Professional Snow System was manufactured for us in Northern Europe, and purchased through a European special effects company that represents itself as world leaders in snow and winter effects. I guess that would make our snow fluid the best in the world then?

    Thomas FX sells its snow fluid in one gallon bottles and 5 gallon pails.

    Shopping malls frequently choose to buy our snow fluid in 45 gallon drums.

  • SN-600 Snow Machine From Thomas FX

    Thomas FX is very Proud of its SN-600 Snow machine and falling snow system. This is a professional level snow machine with DMX capabilities.

    We searched far and wide to find a snow machine and snow system that delivered a high level of performance and reliability.

    So far, with many hundreds now in operation around the world, the SN-600 has not let us down.

    Manufactured specifically for Thomas FX by one of the world's foremost makers of artificial snow systems, the SN-600 is quickly being adopted be film industry special effects professionals everywhere. Everyone raves about the performance of this equipment.

    However, like all professional quality equipment, it does have its Achilles Heel. . . . "operator error". 

    Operator error includes: an operator not knowing how to operate the equipment, an operator allowing the fluid reservoir to run dry, an operator using the equipment in environments that are hostile to electrical equipment, an operator failing to clean the machine from time to time, and an operator who puts the wrong kind of fluid into the machine.

    With a professional at the controls, and a touch of basic common sense, the SN-600 Snow System will exceed your expectations for years to come.

  • Thomas FX Equipment Warranty

    Thomas FX offers a 30-day limited warranty on the used equipment that it sells.

    The used special effects equipment we sell is thoroughly cleaned and serviced before it is shipped. 

    Since we know our used professional equipment is in good working order before leaving our shop, we offer a limited 30-day warranty. However, if the new owners abuse, neglect, or tamper with equipment, warranty coverage is void. Warranty coverage is also void in the event that the equipment is not used in the proper manner, or under the proper operating conditions. For example, failure to use the approved fluids voids our warranty, as does operating electrical equipment in the rain.

    New equipment sold by Thomas FX comes with the manufacturers one year limited warranties.

    In the unlikely event that you do experience difficulties with equipment purchased from us, it is a customer's sole responsibility to notify us of the issue within the proscribed warranty period so that we can assist with the resolution of your issue in a timely manner.

    We have found that most issues arise from operator error, and a short call to our Operations Manager can resolve matters quickly.

    Unfortunately, if someone encounters a technical problem and does not notify us during the warranty period. and they have not used the approved fluids recommended for the equipment, AND they have tampered with the equipment, there is nothing we can do to help.

    We do what we can to support our customers, but if they are not willing to use equipment within recommended technical parameters, and if they are dishonest or abusive as we try to help them. we cannot do anything more.

  • We Are Open Today Till 2:00

    All of our new products have now arrived and are available for viewing in our store, or online.

    The closer we get to Halloween, the longer our seasonal hours will become.

    During the month of October, we will be open 7 days a week.

    Please stop by and see what's new.

  • Thomas FX Channel Killed By Youtube

    It has now been confirmed that YouTube was responsible for killing the Thomas FX Channel.

    It has been confirmed that our Channel was not taken down for any copyright infringement. Unfortunately we cannot find out why they decided to remove our videos. Happily, all of our corporate videos were backed up on our own servers.

    Our website development team has made good progress in wiping former YouTube links from our site, but since the videos were so embedded throughout our website, and as there were so many links to YouTube, it is going to take a bit more time before our videos are fully restored.

    Please be patient as we work through the restoration process, and be assured that once restored, we will never trust YouTube, or any third party software provider, with any of our valuable corporate content.

    Meanwhile, our sincerest apologies to the more than 160,000 people who previously downloaded our videos. We will do our best to prevent future service interruptions.


    Thank you for your message. Your YouTube account was terminated due to reasons other than claims of copyright infringement. 

    Regards, The YouTube Copyright Team"

    We ask

  • Zombie Sophie ... Before And After

    Last week we had fun helping one of our favorite customers pick out makeup for her character in the 2014 Vancouver Zombie Walk.

    Check out these Before and After photos.

    Job well done Sophie!

    Sophie recommends Monsters By Mindy for your next monster makeover.

  • Change Is (STILL) Taking place At Thomas FX

    Don't panic . . . Change is underway at Thomas FX.

    This should not surprise anyone who knows us as we are always changing something.

    An out of province customer called this morning to express his concern that company co-founder Betty Thomas was "leaving the business". 

    We don't know where THAT rumor started but it is absolutely NOT TRUE! In fact the opposite is happening.

    Betty is so busy serving our many customers around the world that she has recently hired a new full-time assistant. . . Michelle Gocolay. Michelle is our new Inside Sales Coordinator.

    In addition, we have two new full-time hires in our Operations Department. Sean Wilkinson has joined our team as Operations Manager and Conner Thorpe is our new Warehouse & Manufacturing Assistant.

    We have yet to find a qualified Extruder Operator, but are still actively recruiting for this position.

    We are also about to begin recruiting for a Retail Floor Manager, 4-5 Special Effects Makeup experts, and about 20 Customer Service Clerks to help with the annual Halloween rush. 

    If you might be interested in one of these positions, please keep checking with Craigslist. You can jump the gun by dropping off a resume now.

    Thomas FX continues to grow. . . continues to innovate. . . and continues to change. We appreciate your patience as our newest crew members settle in. 

    Please feel free to stop by and say hello to Betty. . . and make sure you meet the newest members of our team.

  • Thomas FX YouTube Page Is M.I.A.

    On Thursday we woke up to discover that the Thomas FX YouTube page was missing.

    We have no idea why Google terminated our Channel, but we have reached out repeatedly to Google for help restoring our Channel.

    So far Google has not responded to our service requests, although we did receive an automated email response acknowledging our request for help.

    Our sincerest apologies to everyone for our YouTube Channel being crashed. We will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from a recent entry in our G mail account:

    Dear Places for Business user,
    We're making some changes to Google Places so that we can continue to provide people with the best experience when they're looking for local businesses on Google.
    As part of this process, we reviewed your information in Google Places. While we were able to keep your account, we unfortunately had to remove one or more of your listings. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.