• Add Movie Snow To Your Christmas Tree

    Add Thomas FX movie snow to your Christmas Tree this year and make every ornament and light on the tree sparkle.

    Fake Movie Snow from Thomas FX is used to decorate Christmas window displays by many of the leading retailers in the United States.

    There is still one day left to order fake snow direct from Thomas FX before we close for the Holidays.

    Fedex orders received today will ship tomorrow and should be delivered before Christmas.

    Reminder: We will be closed tomorrow between 11:30 and 1:30 for our annual Christmas Luncheon. After 1:30 we will still be celebrating and will be inviting store customers to share in our  "Christmas Cheer".

    We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Our Big Christmas Sale Is Happening Now

    Thomas FX will close for the Holidays on Thursday this week. 

    As a special thank you to everyone in the community who have supported us in another great year, we are holding a BIG CHRISTMAS BLOWOUT SALE this week!

    All Halloween props, and costume accessories are on sale this week in-store for 75% off the marked price, even if the marked price has already been reduced! Save up to 90% on this seasonal merchandise. 

    Fog machines, ground foggers, and Halloween Haunt Effects (not fluids) are on sale at 50% off regular prices.

    Makeup Effects and Theatrical Contact lenses remain at advertised prices, but make wonderful stocking stuffers and are selling fast. Hurry in while supplies last.

    We will close for our annual Christmas Lunch on Thursday from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm. When we get back, snacks, sweet goodies and Christmas Cheer will be available to store customers who want to join the party. 

    We are not open after Thursday, but will respond to emergency film industry calls if we are needed. 

    Otherwise, the Thomas FX crew thanks you for your support this year and wishes you the very best of the Festive Season. 

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  • World's Best Fake Snow Wins Third Patent

    Thomas FX has just been granted a third patent for its proprietary SNO-FX! . . . often referred to by the movie professionals around the world who use it as the world's best fake movie snow.

    Several years ago SNO-FX! from Thomas FX was considered for an Academy Award nomination in the Science and Technology category. 

    As it turns out, every special effects member of the Academy Awards selection committee had actually used fake snow from Thomas FX in their movie projects.

    Other types of fake snow used in film production are industrial products, such as white attic insulation, salt or flour, which are repurposed for use in films. 

    SNO-FX! from Thomas FX is the only fake snow in the world invented and manufactured specifically for use in the movie industry. Our patents attest to the uniqueness of Thomas FX fake snow.

    Brilliant white in color, SNO-FX! comes in four unique flake sizes which can be used seperatly or in combination to create stunning snow effects. It looks and acts just like real snow, falling, drifting, blowing and forming cornices just like the real thing, As SNO-FX! is also non-static, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, it is often used in environmentally sensitive locations.

    We also custom manufacture colored SNO-FX! as well as the popular black SNO-FX! a.k.a. BIO-ASH, which is in high demand as an alternative to artificial volcanic ash in television and movie production.

    Plan to use Thomas FX fake snow and/or BIO-ASH volcanic effects in your next production. 

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  • Thank You Customers Around The World

    John Quee and Betty Quee, Co-Owners of Thomas FX and recipients of the North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce's "Business Of The Year Award", wish to thank the thousands of loyal customers around the world who support Thomas FX every year, and who have made this special award possible.

    We truly value your trust and your ongoing loyalty. On behalf of the entire team at Thomas FX we offer our sincerest thanks and look forward to supporting your next production ... no matter where that might be.

    We are honored that so many people consider the Thomas FX team to be their partners in production. 

  • 2014 Business Of The Year | Thomas FX

    At an Awards Gala held by the North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce last week, Thomas FX was named the 2014 Business Of The Year.

    We thank the Chamber of Commerce, Judges, and Sponsors, for this prestigious and unexpected Honor.

    In 2004, Thomas FX received a Business Excellence Award from the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for Business Innovation.

  • R.I.P. Wray Douglas Jr


    Wray Douglas Jr

    Special Effects Coordinator

    1966 - 2014


  • Thomas FX Will Close Today At 4:00 pm

    Today all of our staff will be attending a function at the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce so we will be closing early.

    After working "flat" out for the entire month of October without a break we are pretty wiped. We thought an early closing and night out together might be just the tonic to reinvigorate the crew.

    We apologize for any inconvenience today's early closing might cause.

  • Thank You Everyone

    A special Thank You to everyone who stopped by this Halloween. 

    The deals were awesome and we all had lots of fun together, but now we are all dead tired.

    Thomas FX is now opening a bit later each day and closing a bit earlier . . . 9:00 am till 5:00, Monday to Friday. 

    If the sun is shining though, we just might leave a bit early (sorry about that).

    Thomas FX is now closed on weekends, but you can shop online at ,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Thomas FX will be open tonight until 8:00 pm. 

    We will be closed this weekend, and will reopen for business on Monday morning at 8:00.

    Thank you for another great season.

    Have fun . . . Stay safe!

  • Please Tell Your Friends About Our Sale

    Please tell your friends about the Thomas FX "MONSTER SALE".

    Unlike most other companies, Thomas FX does not advertise its sales. 

    We rely entirely on our Social Media Community to share the news about our company with their friends. 

    This is the first time we have had a MONSTER SALE at Halloween ... 50% OFF all Halloween props and decorations ... 50% OFF all masks, costumes and costume accessories ... 25% OFF all Family Fireworks.

    Makeup FX, Theatrical Contacts, and Production Supplies are not on sale. 

    If items are already on sale, a further 50% will be taken off at the cash register.

    We would really appreciate your help in spreading the word . . . If you like our sale, please let everyone in your network know about us. 

    Thanks everyone!