• Will My Order Arrive Before Halloween?

    Will My Order Arrive Before Halloween . . . seems to be the question of the day.

    How soon your order is delivered is up to you.

    Unless there is a problem with credit card authorizations, or incomplete shipping information, we are shipping all online orders the day that we receive them.

    The Thomas FX website is connected directly with FEDEX, and also with Canada Post. The shipping costs are calculated and assigned to your orders by FEDEX and Canada Post.

    If you prefer speedier delivery for your order, we suggest you choose the FEDEX option that will most quickly get your order to you in time. Choosing postal service at this late stage is probably not the best shipping option. 

    As we get closer to Halloween, the time frame for delivery will begin to close and shipping will become more expensive so order as soon as possible to save money on shipping.

    For example, the most economical shipping options, FEDEX Ground and Postal Service, are no longer viable options. We suggest you choose FEDEX Express, or FEDEX Expedited now to ensure delivery before Halloween. 

  • Order Now ... Don't Be Disappointed

    Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by this weekend. We have all been having lots of fun together. 

    Our bricks'n mortar store has been extremely busy, as has our Online Store. 

    If you have been shopping in either, and have been thinking of making a purchase, we urge you to place your order as soon as possible. 

    We are shipping orders several times every day, and serving in-store customers at a rapidly increasing pace. 

    Although we have added more than a thousand new product sku's and carry significant inventory in each, many items have already sold out and more are selling out every day. 

    Please do not be disappointed. Make your purchase today. Our store(s) are open every day until October 31.

    There is still plenty of time for us to ship your order economically so you will receive it before Halloween. 

  • Customer Testimonials Are Now Available

    After a few frustrating years of not being able to post client testimonials effectively, our new web development partner has just successfully added quite a few testimonials to the Thomas FX site.

    If you have not yet purchased from us, you might want to know what some of our customers think about us.

    If you have added a testimonial, THANK YOU! We really appreciate your feedback. 

    Here is a link to our TESTIMONIALS page.

  • It's Time To Lighten Up and Have Some Fun

    In many ways, 2014 has been an interesting year.

    War in Israel . . . War in Palestine . . . War in Syria . . . War in Lybia . . . Strikes and the threat of more strikes . . . Economic Recessions around the world . . . Governments being overthrown . . . Public protests in China . . . and now, EBOLA!

    If you think the world is going to end, or if you are afraid of dying in a global pandemic, there is probably not much you can do about any of the macro challenges in the world today. 

    So why not stop worrying? I think it is time for everyone to lighten up and have some fun.

    It is Halloween! Relax and enjoy the season.

  • We Are Watching For Your Online Orders

    At this time of year online shoppers might be wondering if their orders will be received in time for Halloween.

    No worries. We are watching our online store very closely and are standing by ready to get your order ready to ship.

    Orders are picked first thing every morning and are usually shipped the same day. 

    Your business is very important to us and we do everything possible at this end to expedite the preparation of every shipment.

    If you have any questions about which shipping method to choose, or about how long it will take to receive your online order, please call us. 

    We are standing by and ready to help.

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours At Thomas FX

    Thomas FX will be open this Thanksgiving Weekend, Saturday and Sunday only, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. 

    Please arrive early and allow enough time to enjoy the entire store. Remember, our Dark Zone will close 1/2 hour early for maintenance each day.

    We will be closed on Monday October 13'th.

    Extended Halloween store hours will start next week and will be posted on the left navigation pane of our website for your convenience.

    Emergency service will be available for FILM INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS ONLY after hours and during the Monday holiday closing.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • How To Love Your Thomas FX Visit

    Many people who visit  Thomas FX for the first time are confused by what they encounter, so here are a few tips on how to get the most from your visit and leave loving your Thomas FX experience.

    1) Most people need about an hour to experience our store and take in our interactive displays. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to enjoy everything.

    2) We close our Dark Zone 1/2 hour BEFORE closing each day. The front of our store remains open until the advertised closing time, but it does take us about 1/2 hour every day to restock, clean thoroughly, and turn off all of the animatronics and lights in the Dark Zone so it is ready for visitors the next day. If you arrive too late, you can still shop in part of the store, and our friendly staff will be happy to run back and get anything you have seen online and might be interested in, but access to the Dark Zone will not be possible.

    3) We ask that you consume all food and beverages BEFORE entering our store. Some people might be startled by what they encounter inside and might throw up their arms, inadvertently tossing hot coffee or food onto other guests.

    4) Very young children can be uncomfortable in our scary environment, and extremely young children in strollers might start crying at some of the loud noises. Please think carefully about whether or not it is a good idea to bring very young impressionable children into our store. Maybe they would enjoy the visit more when they are a bit older.

    5) Everyone at Thomas FX will welcome you and engage with you. They are interested in helping you, in answering your questions, and in offering you ideas. Everybody at Thomas FX is in Customer Service. Nobody is in Sales.

    Thanks everyone. We listen carefully to all customer feedback and work hard to find new ways to improve our service. We hate it when someone does not have a more than excellent experience when they visit. Hopefully, the ideas and suggestions in this blog might help you to LOVE your Thomas FX experience.

  • It's Halloween...We Are Now Open Every Day

    Thomas FX is now open every day, except Thanksgiving Monday, until October 31'st.

    Our store hours will be constantly updated on the left navigation panel of our website, so please check there to confirm that we are open each day.

    Saturday was busy and lot's of fun as we reconnected with some of our favorite store regulars.

    With more than 1,000 new product sku's, in addition to our standing inventory, this is without a doubt our best seasonal collection ever.

    Happy Halloween everyone. . . the fun has already started so come in and say hello.

  • We Are Open This Saturday Till 3:00

    We are open tomorrow from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

    We have a new Halloween crew ready to help, makeup effects experts available to answer your questions, and more than 1,000 new products for sale.

    Time to stop be and see what is new for Halloween in 2014.

    Shop early for the best selection!

  • Snow Fluid For Thomas FX SN-600 Snow System

    Thomas FX goes to great lengths to bring the world's best special effects products to our customers. We literally 'travel the world' looking for great products.

    There are many types of snow fluid available to consumers these days. Many of them are so inexpensive that they are probably not much more than a dish soap emulsion. Cheap fluids should NEVER be used in professional equipment as it will cause irreparable damage to the equipment.

    The snow fluid sold by Thomas FX, and recommended for use in the Thomas FX SN-600 DMX Professional Snow System was manufactured for us in Northern Europe, and purchased through a European special effects company that represents itself as world leaders in snow and winter effects. I guess that would make our snow fluid the best in the world then?

    Thomas FX sells its snow fluid in one gallon bottles and 5 gallon pails.

    Shopping malls frequently choose to buy our snow fluid in 45 gallon drums.