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    Get Full Details On The Thomas FX Facebook Page

    Yesterday we launched a Loyalty reward Coupon for our Facebook Fans . . . full details on the Thomas FX Facebook page.

    LIKE us on Facebook and share with your friends. Get a Loyalty Discount Coupon for 10% off your Online purchases on the Thomas FX Online Halloween Store.

    The 10% coupon can be used in our North Vancouver bricks'n mortar store as well.

    We have never offered a coupon of this nature before so it will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of the instant savings.

    Several people people LIKE this and a some have already shared with their friends.

  • Profanity Is NOT Tolerated

    Based on recent postings, it seems that a few, obviously immature, people think it is OK to make vulgar comments on our Facebook page.

    Let me be very clear . . . PROFANITY is NOT acceptable . . . under any circumstances. Any comments that are inappropriate in our opinion will be removed.

    Our website is a global forum for professionals in the entertainment industry, as is our Blog, our YouTube Channel, and our Facebook page. PERIOD. No exceptions.

    If you cannot respect us, or yourselves, or if you do not know how to express yourselves without using profanity, we are not interested in hearing from you, and neither are the intelligent professionals and good people around the world who follow us.

    Be warned, if you use profanity on any of our sites, you are NOT being clever. In actual fact, you are telling the entire world that you are incapable of expressing yourself on a professional level. Hence, your comments will be removed. If on the other hand, you have something useful or informative or constructive to add, bring it on . . . You are our kind of people.

    At Thomas FX, we are committed to making a positive difference in the world and we take this very seriously.
  • RSS Graffiti - Ongoing Problems & Issues

    As many of you may know, we subscribe to an app called RSS Graffiti. RSS Graffiti is a Facebook app that automatically feeds our Thomas FX Blog posts to the Thomas FX Facebook page.

    If you subscribe to Thomas FX on Facebook, or directly through our RSS Graffiti feed, you will have noticed a number of annoying irregularities during the past couple of weeks.

    The problem started when both Facebook and RSS Graffiti were taken offline for updates. Since then posting has been a very hit or miss proposition.

    Some posts do not get fed to subscribers or to Facebook . . . . Some posts show up twice . . . and  . . . Some posts even show up THREE times!!! We are quite embarrassed by this situation and apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing you.

    Our programmers are working to resolve the issues. Meanwhile, please hang in there with us while the "bugs" are being ironed out.
  • Flawed App Generates Double Facebook Blog Posting

    Some of you might have noticed that Thomas FX Blogs are being posted twice onto our Facebook page. Our IT team is in close contact with the app development engineers that are working to solve this annoying problem. Happily, everyone hopes to have a solution soon.

    Last year we embedded a software app called RSS Graffiti in our Blog code. Using RSS Graffiti, every time we Blog, our Facebook page is automatically updated. This is very helpful in that it enables us to keep in closer contact with everyone. So far feedback has been very positive, so we know that it has been working.

    Unfortunately, last Friday RSS Graffiti did a major upgrade to their code. Since that revision went live, all of our Blogs have been double posted to Facebook. According to our web development team this is happening to many RSS Graffiti users. So please rest assured that the software engineers are hard at work on resolving the issue.

    We have invested heavily to make a useful and powerful tool for customers worldwide, and we have built a very complex website.

    Despite the fact that we have already burned more than $1,000,000 in development time and corporate resources, our development team is still hard at it. In fact we are currently approaching the launch of yet another major build that should enhance our service delivery model even further.

    If you are one of our Facebook fans, please hang in there with us until the bugs in the new RSS Graffiti code have been ironed out. Meanwhile, we do apologize for any inconvenience that this annoying glitch might be causing.